The Freshfields Animal Rescue Lotto Superdraw is the easy and fun way to support your local animal rescue centre.

Everytime you play you help an animal in desperate need.

Get your paws on the cash
You could get your paws on the £5,000 rollover prize, whilst helping me and my friends at the same time.

Why everyone's a winner

The great thing about our lottery is that although you're playing to win, every week 60% of your stake goes directly towards supporting the animals at our rescue centres in Liverpool and Wales.

Every time you play you help save a life, supporting their rehabilitation needs including medical care, heating, food and supplemental costs.

Over 35 guaranteed prizes, every single week!

1x £1,000 Prize 1x £5,000 Prize
22x £10 Prizea 12x £5 Prize

60% of your stake will support the animals whilst in our care

  • £10 will feed a family of orphaned fox cubs for a week
  • £20 will pay for an animal ambulance trip to help an animal needing emergency treatment
  • £30 will neuter a cat and reduce future pressure on rescues

Why 60%?

  • 60% of your stake goes directly to Freshfields
  • 25% is payable in winners' prizes
  • 15% used in administration of the lottery

Compares well to other Lotteries

  • 28% National Lottery goes to good causes
  • 32% Postcode Lottery goes to good causes

Freshfields to the rescue

Tyson was placed in commercial boarding kennels when his original owners found themselves unable to meet his needs.

Freshfields came to the rescue and Tyson, who suffers from severe separation anxiety, spent more than 12 months in our care before the perfect, loving new family was found.

At Freshfields we never put a healthy animal down and we will work tirelessly to ensure the right outcome for each and every one!

Tyson rehomed

About Freshfields

Freshfields Animal Rescue is a community focussed non-profit making charitable organisation caring for abandoned, abused and unwanted domestic and small farm animals, along with sick and injured wildlife.

We serve our local communities via the rescue and rehoming services we provide and act to support community, local wildlife and the environment through our urban conservation initiatives. Providing temporary refuge and sanctuary for an endless cycle of animals in need of help, each animal receives the food, medication, socialisation and emotional healing required before re-homing or release.

We passionately believe that the well-being and future success of every species of animal and bird is a shared responsibility. Through our outreach and education initiatives, our aim is not just to inspire high standards of welfare and respect for all animals but to empower each individual (young & old) to work together towards achieving this goal.

Making a difference together for All animals!