Lotto Superdraw Winners: 30th July 2021

£1,000 Jackpot Winner

D2980 J Bunt   Widnes

£100 Weekly Rollover - £ 400 This Week

 No Winner  
£ 500 Next Week

£10 Prize Winners

L6437 Stanley Lonorgan   Liverpool
B5608 Kay Jefferson   Widnes
A3134 Tony Woodley   Willaston
E3492 G Eaton   Liverpool
D0230 Chung Ching   Liverpool
B0039 Chloe Elackman   Liverpool
C1734 James Ennis   Wallasey Village
E2772 Louise Brookfield Gray   Southport
K1830 Mary Wright   Liverpool
B0199 William Whitfield   Ellesmere Port
R6288 Kevin Brown   Liverpool
D6814 R Whates   Woodchurch
B5410 Mark McNulty   Liverpool
B5831 Kelly Tunstall   Little Sutton
E1903 Edward C London   Liverpool
B1821 Barbara Cank   Burnley
I4594 Karen Snape   Lverpool
I6622 Sarah Goulding   Liverpool
C1667 C&p Walker   Maghull
C4468 Audrey Dutfield   Ruislip
D5246 Anonymous  
A0981 Stephanie Rugg   Liverpool

£5 Prize Winners

E3545 Andrew Greenlee   Liverpool
A6132 Simon Young   St Marks
F0436 C M Tomkinson   Blackpool
D5697 The Vibe   Liverpool
A1647 Barry Devonside   Formby
C0111 Paula Griffiths   Liverpool
B2719 Angela Newby   Liverpool
A5258 Vincent Wright   Liverpool
C4681 Claire Sanderson   Wirral
B0328 Jon Waring   Spital
A5543 Frances Fleet   Wavertree
K1121 Michael Wall   Liverpool

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